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Residential Painting


If you want to freshen up the look of your home, there's no better way than applying a fresh coat of interior or exterior paint. Pura Vida Painting will work with you on all of the details and explain our entire process to you. Together we will discuss colors and textures that match your style home, furnishings and personal taste.

Commercial Painting


Pura Vida Painting works with all those involved in commercial spaces. We have prepared and painted interior and exterior commercial buildings for developers, managers, owners, real estate agents, and renters. Contact Pura Vida Painting today to set an appointment and we will visit your location to discuss the job.


Interior Painting

 Our interior painting services are top notch. We take the time to prepare correctly by covering floors, removing pictures or art work, wiping down the surfaces and even moving furniture. We even discuss where we will be placing these items. Once the workspace is ready, we can start the production process of masking off any areas and begin painting.

Exterior Painting


 Add curb appeal and additional value to your home with an exterior paint job from Pura Vida Painting. We prepare your home by washing it to remove any dirt and grime, scrape away any loose paint and even use a power sander when needed. Once the surface is clean, we can start to cover the areas that don't need to be painted. When completed, you will be glad you chose Pura Vida Painting because of the quality of our work and the feeling you will get from looking at your freshly painted home.

Brush, Roll Or Spray

Depending on the type of painting service that you need, interior, exterior or detailed areas, we can work with either brushes, rollers, sprayers, or a combination of all three. For large flat areas like walls and ceilings, rollers might work best, especially if texture needs to be applied. Rollers are also ideal for applying stain or sealers to wood flooring. For smoother finishes or three dimensional surfaces, we may use a sprayer. And of course for detailed areas you can't beat a brush. No matter what your vision is, or what your surfaces presently looks like, Pura Vida Painting can deliver quality work on time and in budget.


Textured paint rollers are available in a wide variety of patterns. This allows you to be much more creative with the design of your interior or exterior space. Depending on the condition of your walls, you can cover up imperfections very nicely with the right type of textured roller. Texture is one of the most important design aspects of any space and with Pura Vida Painting, you'll get a clean, efficient and outstanding result.

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